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Welcome to my site!

This is my fan site for a comics magazine which entertains me from childhood. Which introduced spider, archie, johny nero, tiger, texwiller, luckyluke and so many dream heroes to me........
Regarding Copyright issues..........

Most of the articles you found here is directly taken from Wikipedia under the GNU Free Documentation License (Copyleft). 

The articles are directly linked to wikipedia for further reading..........


Our editor Mr Vijayan wrote about me in lion Dicussion Room:

Mr. Srini from Bangalore : Yeah, you indeed have a nice website and thank you very much for the interest. But the images of popular heroes are protected by copyright and I'm not too sure if it's alright putting them on your webpage for other fans to download. I still remember the huge anger expressed by our overseas publishers when we had images of some of our top comics heroes printed on our business letter head ! They told us in very blunt terms that this wasn't permissible. So you need to be careful. 

Thank you so much...since i use the images for non commercial purpose they wont object this site.... infact it helps to increase their profit................:)



I am very much excited that you are visiting my web site.
On this site you'll find information on lion comics.
please give me your suggessions and feedbacks.
please send the scanned images of the front cover of lion and muthu comics.i like to build a database for all lion and muthu comics.

please mail your comments and send the pictures from the web related to comics. i'll upload it.....